This page is dedicated to collaboration with the community.

The table below is a living document containing the needs, projects, collaborators, and skills of people looking to collectively bring their visions to life. The goal here is to foster more connection and collaboration among like-minded people in the space.

Go wild posting work opportunities, art, or media projects, events you want help hosting, open source tech, and side projects of all kinds in the table below!

If you’re ready to start using directly click HERE.  You can find in-depth instructions on how to use the spreadsheet below if you’d like to know more.

How to use the Airtable:

Spreadsheet Tabs

  1. Needs: A list of what people are looking for on the projects they’re currently working on with a description of what their need entails.
  2. Projects: A detailed description of projects listed, their associated needs, the type of project it is, who’s organizing the project, a URL (should it exist) and the community creating the project (if applicable).
  3. People: Here you’ll find both project organizers & contributors along with whatever contact information they’ve provided. Additionally, you can choose whether to receive weekly updates from the Collaboratory.
  4. Skills/Project Categories: These are placeholder tabs to help organize the data in the other tabs. Items get added to the list via information filled out under either people or projects.

How to put out a call for collaborators:

  1. Under the needs tab, put the title of your need, followed by the name of your project and then a description of what that need entails (length of time, location, etc). If there’s a date it’s due by, enter that.
  2. If you then click on the project tab, you’ll see your project listed on the last row. Add a description of the project, put it in its appropriate category (feel free to create one if it doesn’t already exist - though do try to use an existing one if possible), list yourself as an owner, add a website if it exists and the community it’s a part of, if applicable.
  3. Then head over to the people tab, and fill out the corresponding info, and you’re good to go.
  4. Receive inquiries into your project and build the team of your dream!

How to designate yourself as interested in collaborating on a project:

  1. Find a need you’d like to fill, or if there’s no direct need listed, a project you’d like to contribute to. Click on the associated spreadsheet cell, which will pull up a detailed description of the project.
  2. From there, on the right-hand side, comment to the need lister/project organizer letting them know you’d like to contribute.
  3. Additionally, go to the people tab and add your name to the list, the contact information you feel comfortable with, your skills and the project you’re collaborating on.


  1. If you want to see all the Needs associated with a particular project, click on the arrow to the right of Project column header, select filter, and write in the name of the project you want to display.


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